Awakening Motherhood

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By Aimee Lora

As much as I wish it, no one can tell a woman what it’ll be like to be pregnant and much less what it’ll be like to be a mother.

For me, becoming a mother has been nothing short of a spiritual awakening.

Each day since giving birth to my baby girl 8 months ago, I’ve devoted myself to this tiny human that is the image of God.

The realm of life in which I knew has completely vanished. As my reality shifted quickly, my beloved’s reality has slowly been catching up to the time, energy and presence that this growing human demands.

I remember sitting in the bathroom after a few months of being pregnant and not knowing what to do about it. I finally said out loud, “I’m committed to being pregnant.”

Although I was raised by a midwife, I was still completely in the dark around what mothers actually go through to have and raise children. It was scary to commit to something without knowing exactly how it would turn out. And in the end, that was the trust and surrender that would push me into a new paradigm of existing.

Through letting go of what I knew, I was able to take a quantum leap from one perspective to another.

I’m a radically different person now.
Before I had a child, I was self centered.
I was lazy. I was unmotivated. I lacked self discipline. I had no vision for my life.

On the other side of birth, I have a dynamic vision for many years ahead with my growing baby. I have a vision for my own personal endeavors. I have the discipline to get my personal needs and desires met along with my baby’s. I’m 100% devoted to my child first and foremost. Being lazy is not an option anymore.

Mind you that some days we wake up, eat, nap, bathe and go back to sleep and that’s considered a full day.

I just don’t sit around and watch TV anymore. I don’t have time to wallow in my emotions. I don’t have time to argue. I don’t have time for complaints.

I have time for self care. I have time for family. I have time for nourishing games and books. I have time to make delicious meals and learn new cuisine techniques. I have time to play outside.

My desires have become more clear and my boundaries non-negotiable. I have become who I have dreamed of since becoming a mother.

I can have a business call, cook lunch and dinner at the same time while holding baby nursing.

It wasn’t always like this, I had to go through the muck much like a lotus to be able to handle these demands.

And now I feel like that brilliant white lotus standing proudly above the mud.

I can do anything as a mother.
I can run a business, a household, nurture a child, take care of my relationship, friendships and myself all at the same time.

And I can sit in stillness, rocking my baby to sleep and hold her while we both nap.

Mothers in the past have been martyrs. The normal thing to do was to sacrifice everything, your goals, dreams, ambitions to be a mother.

What if becoming a mother wasn’t a limitation, rather an opportunity for ascension? What if becoming a mother is a beckoning to your highest self?

By embracing the journey of motherhood, rather than resisting it, a woman can step into her fullest potential. Her voice is amplified, she speaks her authentic truth, and old wounds are healed, initiating her into awakened motherhood.

Aimee Lora is a mother of one baby girl, a business owner, writer and an advocate for female empowerment through education and creative expression. She is passionate about the human body, emotional freedom, and spiritual awakening.