Collective Energy Forecast for the New Moon in Leo (August 18-19, 2020)

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By Leanne Webber

The new Moon in Leo will be exact at 3:41 AM (BST) on Wednesday, in 26 degrees of the sign.This new moon is connected to the last new moon in Leo we had in February 2020 and will bring an energetic peak to the summer before we mellow into a more delicate earthy Virgo season. 

Mercury will be just 2 degrees from the Sun and Moon, as they come into exact alignment with the Earth. Also, Mars in Aries will be in a strong trine with all 3 of them. We’re really going to feel this one, there’s a lot of fire in the air! But there are a lot of planets in earth signs right now, which should make us feel quite grounded.

New moons mark the start of a new lunar cycle and come immediately after a dark moon. They symbolise the seeding of fresh energy and it is a good time to work on manifestation magick. This one will be especially potent for creativity, expression, playfulness, dramatic pursuits, heart based communication and taking the lead on new projects.

Collectively, we may have been feeling like the darkness of the pandemic has tainted the usual glow of summer. But the essence of Leo is self knowledge and therefore, the isolation, confusion, dissonance and shadows we have been though so far in 2020 could have helped us to find a deeper awareness of who we actually are on a soul level, and we may be feeling like letting a sense of this shine through. We might be focused on celebrities, royalty, leadership, the world stage, integrity, courage, taking risks, doing what feels right, looking after children and nurturing our own inner child. 

Leo is a fixed fire sign, ruled by the 5th House (pleasure, joy, freedom and creativity) and the Sun, the planet of leadership, optimism, power, fun and sovereignty. Leo is symbolised by the lion and ruled by the ‘Strength’ and the ‘Sun’ cards in the Tarot, along with the suit of Wands or Spring. 

Leo is a warm, bold, vibrant and big hearted sign. It is characterised by passion, artistry, generosity, humour, luxury and courage. It is associated with the solar plexus and the heart chakra. Leo’s erogenous zone is rooted in their spine. “A back massage, particularly to the spinal area, will make every Leo’s heart soar with passion, as the warm sensations run throughout their body, making their hearts race,” Stardust says. 

The New Moon in Leo within the Moonology Oracle cards says “Confidence is your key to success.” 

☆ Leo is the sign of the big and brave-hearted lion, of pride & showmanship – & flirting! 
☆ The energy around the New Moon in Leo (& therefore around this card, whenever you pick it) is hot & generous. The energy loves itself, & so should you. 
☆ If you’ve been too much of a wallflower, this New Moon card (& the Leo New Moon) comes as a reminder that you need to be proud of who you are. 
☆ It can also herald good news, possibly around children. 
☆ Make time to have some fun, don’t be afraid to turn some heads and be proud of who you are and what you have to offer. 
☆ You may enjoy more attention and being in the spotlight at this time but it won’t come to you without putting yourself out there. 

What qualities should you cultivate to attune to this new moon? Leo likes to show off, flirt, emote, be creative and spoil themselves so these are all indicated now. Leo energy can be interpreted as narcissistic, but the healthy flip side of narcissism (which we are all capable of having traits of to some degree) is self love. How can you find ways to truly love yourself and express you magnificence without it coming from a place of ego and insecurity? If you can achieve this, then it will lead to better self esteem without the need to steal anyone else’s crown and can be released from your heart in a healthy manner. This kind of self love can help us to be more authentically loving towards others. 

Magickal aides include sacred theatre and performance, fire and sun rituals, Sundays, gold, peridot, sunflowers, St John’s Wort, calendula, rosemary, geranium or cypress oil, frankinsense and the colours yellow, orange, red and regal colours like gold and purple. Patron goddesses include the Egyption goddesses Sekhmet and Bastet, the Hebrew goddess Shekinah and the Indian Goddess Sarasvati, associated gods are Apollo, Helios, Ra and the Celtic god Lugh and this sign is also ruled by the Archangel Raziel.

Wishing you blessings for this opportunity to nurture your inner king or queen and awakening hope for your heart’s calling. Remember, love is always the answer. 


Leanne Webber is a grateful mother of two, with very humble roots growing up in the South Wales valleys. She has psychology and adult teaching qualifications, as well as five years training in Gestalt Psychotherapy, clinical practice, and personal therapy. Currently, she works for an inquiry into child sexual abuse, capturing shared experiences from adult survivors, and has recently trained as a professional advocate working on an independent basis with children and young people.