Full Blue Hunter’s Moon in Taurus (October 31, 2020)

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By Leanne Webber

Full Blue Hunter’s Moon in Taurus, Samhain, Dia De Los Muertos, Calon Gaef, Halloween & All Souls Day Blessings

Key Words: Disruption, Revelation & Liberation 


Full moons symbolise an energetic climax, and the fullest manifestation of a cycle. This moon will likely feel like a liminal space between the groundedness of Taurus and the ethereal aspect of Scorpio season, especially falling on Samhain during the window of the year where the veil is at its thinnest. A journey between the earth and the cold, dark, primordial void of the underworld. Taurus doesn’t like change, but Scorpio energy can force it to release what is serving us to bring about the transformation it needs to grow and reach stability. However, this can be painful as it may require a process of descent and the death of old paradigms. It will be potent for releasing any residual feelings of limitation we have put on ourselves and realising the manifestion of our visions and desires into the physical world as the fixed sign of Taurus grounds spirit into matter. The possibility for vivid dreams, synchronicity and psychic experiences will be heightened. 

This energy might occur with any Taurus full moon, but any tangible effects could potentially feel like they’re on steroids with the extra dimension of this being an ultra rare “monthly blue moon,” (as opposed to a slightly less rare “seasonal blue moon”), which is technically a second full moon that occurs within the same calendar month. The last time we had one on Samhain was in 1944, to put this into perspective! 

The Taurus-Scorpio axis, activated by this cosmic alignment, can be symbolised by the alchemical process of transmuting darkness into light. There is also a clear link to the contrast of sexuality and sensuality and with our ability to regulate our somatic and psychological responses to stress, trauma, and understanding intense emotions. 

Additionally, Uranus has a key role in the dynamic of this moon as it will be forming a square with Mars (bringing a tension with our inner masculine) and the moon is also conjunct Uranus in Taurus. Wherever Uranus appears, expect surprises! It is the wild card planet in astrology and brings it’s link with individuation, flashes of insight, eureka moments, spiritual downloads, enlightenment and a splash of the unconventional and unexpected. 

A feminine, fixed earth sign, Taurus governs the 2nd House (personal resources, possession and the concept of value). Ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty, aesthetics and finance, Taurus is symbolised by the bull and is represented by the ‘Hierophant’ and ‘Empress’ cards in the Tarot, along with the suit of Pentacles / Coins / Autumn / Vessicas. 

Taurus is a warm, slow moving, practical and hedonistic sign that correlates to the survival instinct. After the initial impulse, after birth, and the separation from the womb taking place with Aries, we become aware of the essential needs we must fulfill in order to survive. Taurus has a strong connection to the physical body, with our capacity to feel pleasure and perceive with the senses. It thrives in serenity and comfort. It is associated mainly with the throat chakra, weaknesses are often found in the larynx, tonsils, thyroid and middle ear, and erogenous zones include the neck, shoulders and buttocks (through Venus). 

Collectively, this moon might bring a feeling of shock, unexpected information, a breakdown of outworn values, the releasing of limitations and the feeling of hard work paying off as the potential for real, positive change will be palpably felt. However, there could still be a sense of uncertainty in the air as the full extent of any revelations may not become apparent straight away. If we can ride the current, this moon could offer the potential for purpose, unity, growth and a sense of survival that gives us the impetus to keep striving towards our visions for the future. 

The “Full Moon in Taurus” within Yasmin Boland’s Moonology Oracle cards says “Your dreams need a practical plan.” 

To tune into this moon: 

  • Find a compromise between weaving your magic and being practical. 
  • Use the law of attraction to draw in what you want (imagine, expect it and welcome it in). 
  • Take practical steps towards your goals. 
  • You can bring a change in financial fortune by chasing your dreams, rather than money. 
  • Avoid laziness, jealousy or envy. 
  • Ground yourself by getting some exercise. 
  • Find the balance between being passionate and overly intense. 

The “Blue Moon” within the Moonology deck says “Expect the Impossible.” We might get a rare chance and that “one off” thing might be about to happen. A good omen if you have been feeling like you’ve been too hopeful or asking too much of the universe. This card remind us of gratitude and having faith in our dreams. 

Attune to the Blue Moon by: 

  • Feeling lucky! 
  • Grabbing any opportunities you have as they might be unlikely to repeat! 
  • Keep the faith! That rare thing you’ve wished for could happen. But you have to believe in it! 

Magickal associations for this moon include the colours of orange, silver, black and white, pink, soft green, the throat and heart chakras, rose quartz, diamond, obsidian, emerald, opal and amber, the northerly direction, singing, chanting, musical or artistic endeavours, embodiment work or physical therapies, divination, shadow work, the number 6, roses or rosewater, sweet peas, poppies, the willow tree, thyme, rosemary, burdock, nettles and pumpkins, the goddesses Aphrodite, Isis, Freyja, Hathor, Frigg and Hera, the gods Pan, Dionysus, Prometheus, Quetzalcoatl, Zeus and the Archangel Chamuel.

Wishing you an auspicious time to release feels of restriction, separation, limitations, self sabotage and unworthiness and to attract success, surprises, miracles and truth.  

Amen, Blessings and Namaste

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Leanne Webber is a grateful mother of two, with very humble roots growing up in the South Wales valleys. She has psychology and adult teaching qualifications, as well as five years training in Gestalt Psychotherapy, clinical practice, and personal therapy. Currently, she works for an inquiry into child sexual abuse, capturing shared experiences from adult survivors, and has recently trained as a professional advocate working on an independent basis with children and young people.