Full Corn Moon in Pisces Blessings (September 1-2, 2020)

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By Leanne Webber

Full moons symbolise an energetic climax, and the fullest manifestation of a cycle. This moon will likely be deep and dreamy, having the potential to either hypnotise or release the spirit, but it will be grounded somewhat amidst the pragmatism of Virgo season. 

On Sep 1st, 2020 the sun and moon oppose one another in Virgo and Pisces; representing the duality between finite reality and the infinite void. Pisces is a mutable water sign, ruled by the 12th House (the unconscious, instincts, deception and illusions) Jupiter (the planet of joy and expansion) & Neptune (the planet of evasion, fantasy and spirituality). 

Pisces is symbolised by the fish and ruled by the ‘Moon’ card in the Tarot and the suit of Cups / Summer. We have reversed polarities since the world first went into lockdown in response to the pandemic as the global panic began around the full moon in Virgo during our last Pisces season. Some of our worst nightmares, anxieties and complexes seemed to spring from the ether of our imaginations into manifest reality. Fear of death and uncertainty has been spiralling since that time, as we have taken deep dives into the dark depths of the collective unconscious, traversing numerous twists and turns in our global fate, and our world has literally flipped upside down, almost transcending all recognition. 

As we swim in the boundless ocean of Pisces we might be asking ourselves on a broad level “what is happening below the surface right now?” and “what is and what is not humanity? As Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, it is associated with dissolution, spiritual ascension, the merge of collective consciousness into individualism, completion, ‘undoing,’ endings and goodbyes. What might you want to release for good? 

This might be a time to ask “who am I?” or “who am I not?” and “what can I do?” or “what am I not capable of at this time?” This dynamic might help us to swim through these mysterious waters and dissolve any illusions about ourselves and the world that we might still hold. We may also wonder what else could come next in the clusterfuck that has been 2020, as we start to descend into the mellow fruitfulness of autumn, and contemplate how the year might end. This may be a painful process and not something we might be able to face without dis-ease. However, it might be an opportunity to cultivate courage, hope and trust in both humanity and divinity. Can we still save ourselves. Is it not too late to turn things around? It could also be a time to review our personal past cycles and reflect on what has happened. More importantly, what didn’t happen? 

Pisces symbolises a cool, recessive, intuitive and dreamy energy. It is characterised by psychic qualities, introversion, sensitivity, creativity, deep emotions, compassion, imagination and secrets. It is associated with the third eye and solar plexus chakras. The main erogenous zone associated with Pisces is the feet, those with a strong Piscean influence in their chart might enjoy playing footsie under the table, or a foot massage or toe sucking as foreplay. 

The Full Moon in Pisces within the Moonology Oracle cards says “balance spirituality and practicality.” Attune to this moon by focusing on what you have been dreaming of and finding ways to live out your dreams and turn them into reality. It’s time to stop dreaming and ground your wishes, hunches and desires into something more tangible though small steps and the diligence of Virgo energy available right now. 

Attune to this moon by: 

☆ Accessing states of body, mind and soul that support alchemy and clarify insightful intuition.
☆ Manifesting plans that bring a sense of peace, inner joy, and fulfillment. 
☆ Manifesting intentions related to letting go of conditioned helplessness, self-sabotaging and victimisation tendencies. 

Magickal aides for this moon include the gemstones amethyst, aquamarine, jade, iolite and lapis lazuli, dream work, astral travel, reflexology (as Pisces rules the feet), visualisation, fairy magic, hedgewitching, water, sea salt, jasmine, ylang ylang, star anise, water lilies, orchids, lotus, poppies, the cross, the yin yang and the Vessica Piscis symbol, the colours turquoise, blue, and white. Divine associations include the goddesses Inanna and Aphrodite, Christ, the gods Poseidon, Typhon, Vishnu and Eros and the Archangel Barachiel. 

Wishing you opportunities to reflect on the past, visit other realms for creative inspiration, see through our self delusions, actualise our dreams, embrace the unknown and finally let go. 

Amen, Blessings and Namaste 🕉♾☯️

Art credit: @jensfineart 

Leanne Webber is a grateful mother of two, with very humble roots growing up in the South Wales valleys. She has psychology and adult teaching qualifications, as well as five years training in Gestalt Psychotherapy, clinical practice, and personal therapy. Currently, she works for an inquiry into child sexual abuse, capturing shared experiences from adult survivors, and has recently trained as a professional advocate working on an independent basis with children and young people.