Full Sturgeon/Green Corn Moon in Aquarius Energy Forecast (August 3-4, 2020)

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By Leanne Webber

Full moons symbolise an energetic peak and a point of release. This full Moon will be exact in 11 degrees of Aquarius. Uranus, the ruling planet of Aquarius, will be in Taurus and squared by both the Sun and Moon when the full Moon is exact, bringing a lot of potency to this moon. 

Although this moon may not bring a massive shift in itself, with Lammas just past and the Lion’s Gate portal 8/8 approaching, it may be extra charged and could be a cog in the wheel of change. Some believe it will help to usher in the new age of Aquarius, which is slowly but surely happening… We are leaving the matrix baby. Buckle up!

Aquarius is a fixed, masculine air sign, ruled by the 11th House of platonic and humane connection, and the divine speaking to us through both our inner selves and the outer worlds, Uranus, the planet of the sky, mysteries, aliens, the intangible, TV, radio and Internet; and Saturn, the planet of hard work, persistence, planning, purpose and karma. 

Aquarius is symbolised by the water carrier and ruled by the ‘Star’ card in the Tarot as well as the suit of swords/Winter. The energy of this moon might feel like a breath of fresh air during these heavy times, although there may be an off beat sense of uncertainty in the air. Aquarius is not grounded or grasping, it is about letting go of what feels stuck and being open to the new and unexpected. 

Happening during the sun in Leo, there will be a sense of drama and artistic and creative expression around, Leo is also very carefree, yet they are both fixed signs, so there could be a little stubbornness to ‘letting go’ in the mix and a pull towards wanting more certainty.

However, it will be a time to let our authentic, regal selves shine and allow the radiance that is our true nature, underneath the corruption and conditioning we have been subject to be shown and felt. 

Aquarius is a light and airy sign, free flowing and oblique, and quite eccentric. It is characterized by non-conformism, innovation, the paranormal, and a revolutionary, pioneering spirit. It is an intellectual sign, that is concerned with community, progression, technology and the new age. It rules the third eye / brow chakra, as well as the lower legs, and the ankles and calves are erogenous zones, Aquarians may find having their ankles tied or cuffed arousing. 
Yasmind Boland’s Moonology card for the Full Moon in Aquarius suggests: 

  • In a relationship, are you being too aloof or detached? 
  • Go ahead and be yourself in whatever is coming up for you. 
  • Be aware of your feelings but also be prepared to move on. 
  • Don’t lose the beauty and romance of life.
  • You are too much in your head – get into your heart! 
  • A friend needs you – be there for them. 
  • A situation is going to take a very unexpected turn.
  • You may need to let go of someone or someone needs to let go of you. 
  • What is the right thing to do? Whatever happens next could be highly unconventional or unexpected. 

Magickal associations for this moon include the colours orange, yellow, purple and light blue, aquamarine, blue topaz, amethyst, Ceylon Sapphire, peridot, breath work, meditation, owls, the key symbol, fountains or waterfalls, the numbers 3, 9, 2 and 11, Sundays, geranium, lemon, chamomile, peppermint and neroli oils, comfrey, violet, coriander and valerian, the cypress tree, orchids, primrose, the Greek goddess of youth Hebe, the gods Ganymede, Chandra (Indian God of the moon) and Prometheus and the Archangel Uriel. 

Wishing you an auspicious time to shed light on the unusual, let go of old paradigms that no longer serve us, see things from a more unconventional point of view, get out of our heads and allow our hearts to flow more freely.  

Amen, Blessings and Namaste.

Featured image by @heyjenbartel on Instagram

Leanne Webber is a grateful mother of two, with very humble roots growing up in the South Wales valleys. She has psychology and adult teaching qualifications, as well as five years training in Gestalt Psychotherapy, clinical practice, and personal therapy. Currently, she works for an inquiry into child sexual abuse, capturing shared experiences from adult survivors, and has recently trained as a professional advocate working on an independent basis with children and young people.