New Moon in Gemini Blessings (May 22-23, 2020)

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By Leanne Webber

Wishing you all a safe and healthy Gemini season. 

This new moon is augmented by Venus retrograde in Gemini. It links to the last new moon in Taurus late last month and the last new moon in Gemini in May 2019 and also the last Gemini Retrograde period that happened in May/June 2012. If you can remember that far back, any themes that you were processing then could come back around as a karmic cycle is revisited. 

A new moon comes immediately after a dark moon and is the start of a new lunar cycle. New moons symbolise the seeding of fresh energy and is a good time to work on manifestation magick. This one will be especially potent for divine communication, changing minds and hearts, feeling freedom, creating new thoughts and ideas and seeing all the possibilities. 

The energy of this moon will be flighty, versatile, cerebral and restless, highlighting short term travel and technology that aids the flow of information. Being a mutable air sign, Gemini is ruled by the 3rd House (siblings, neighbors, short trips, school, and the acquisition and use of language). Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, technology and duality, Gemini is symbolized by the twins (represented by the twin brothers Castor & Pollux in Greek mythology) and is represented by the ‘Lovers’ card in the Tarot, along with the suit of Swords / Winter. 

This moon will give a feeling of polarities switching, seeing things in new alternative ways. Carl Jung proposed an interesting concept within his work on the ‘alchemy of the soul’ known as ‘enantiodromia.’ I have loved the idea for many years and it is one of my favorite words. It works on the idea that everything has its equal opposite and something’s flip side can be closer than we imagine. That there is only so extreme something can go before it switches polarity and it actually becomes its opposite. For example, we can walk a long way up the side of a high mountain until we reach its summit, but then when we cross this summit we are no longer ascending, we are now descending. 

How far will Coronavirus cases rise before they start to fall? How far can our society become industrialized and a slave to consumerism before things have to switch? How long can we fervently hold a belief until we start to see a complete change of narrative. Often whatever traits we strongly possess, we can also possess the opposite traits in equal amount. For example, the shadow to selflessness can be selfishness. 

Now is a good time to get in touch with our dual nature. Recognizing such things about ourselves can give great insight and lead to integration. But it isn’t always comfortable. 

Gemini is quick, adaptable, creative, indecisive, sociable, fluid, enthusiastic and sometimes unreliable. It is associated with the throat (5th) chakra. Weaknesses are often found in the lungs and nervous system and the shoulders, arms, hands and fingers can be erogenous zones. Yhink shoulder massages and finger sucking. 

The New Moon in Gemini within the ‘Moonology Oracle’ cards by Yasmin Boland is “Communication is key.” It highlights the importance of communicating effectively within our most important relationships. Communication by phone, text or email can be indicated. Talking things through can be the way to a new start with a neighbor or sibling. If we cannot communicate directly with the person in question, journaling or writing a letter can be a powerful tool. 

It is an optimal time for telling others how we feel. This moon floats within the mental realm so avoid being too frivolous and get more grounded. Try to get out of your head and open your heart space. It will be a natural time to read, socialise and gossip but it can make us feel scattered. Try meditating to unscramble any crossed wires. One other way to attune to this moon is by writing a list of all the people you love and thinking of ways that you can prioritise those relationships. 

Magical aides and associations for this moon include agate, blue kyanite, citrine, aquamarine, peppermint, ginkgo, the colors yellow and pink, geometry, the Easterly direction, release, breath work and use of the hands, the number 3, 5 and 11, the goddesses Athena, the rainbow goddesses Iris and Arke, Hebe, the gods Pollux and Hermes and the Archangel Zadkiel. 
Wishing you an auspicious time to manifest fresh ideas, communication, freedom, shifts in perspective, alchemy and messages of hope. 

Amen, Blessings and Namaste.

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Leanne Webber is a grateful mother of two, with very humble roots growing up in the South Wales valleys. She has psychology and adult teaching qualifications, as well as five years training in Gestalt Psychotherapy, clinical practice, and personal therapy. Currently, she works for an inquiry into child sexual abuse, capturing shared experiences from adult survivors, and has recently trained as a professional advocate working on an independent basis with children and young people.