On Holy Ground: Unveiling the Magic of the Ordinary

Awaken your relationship with the sacred in this soulful, restorative workshop experience.

Date: May 19, 2019
10am – 6pm
Casa Micanopy
22259 NW 75th Avenue Rd, Micanopy, FL 32667
Workshop Tuition:
Pre-registration required. Space is limited.

**This workshop offers 8 CEUs for all Florida Licensed Massage Therapists**

Workshop Description:

What makes life sacred?

Sacredness, always present, is the essence of Life. It is WE who fall asleep—becoming covered, dulled, unable to see and feel with the depth of sensitivity that is needed to discern the soul-restoring beauty all around and within us.

Join us as we reconnect with the sacred well of divine energy within everything that is alive…

Awaken your inner senses as together we gently penetrate the veil of sleep to reveal the essential living beauty and profound mystery of Creation….

Travel home to the Holy Ground of Being that is always present, always here.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Learn to turn everyday, mundane activities into expressions of your deepest artistry
  • Develop your capacity to tap into the inherent magic of every moment, even in times of heightened stress or emotional upheaval
  • Deepen your embodied experience through meditative movement practices
  • Cultivate your sensitivity to the subtle energies that exist within and around you, while maintaining a balanced state of emotional and psychic sovereignty
  • Expand your range of intimacy with yourself, with others, and with the present moment through dynamic and energizing games and exercises


10am-1pm  Morning Session

1-3pm Lunch**

3-6pm  Afternoon Session

**Lunch will be provided, and together we will prepare a meal in reverence and ritual, as a part of the workshop experience.


Exploring the delicate landscapes where body meets infinity…

Nina Lombardo is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Somatic Educator, and Women’s Mentor who weaves together her background in yoga, sacred sexuality, and the expressive and healing arts to create immersive experiences designed to liberate and nurture profound states of embodied clarity.

Nina has spent the past ten years dedicated to helping women re-connect with the wisdom and power of their bodies. Through workshops, classes, and private sessions, she provides women with somatic-based tools to embody more love and rewrite new narratives of empowerment, intimacy, and sexuality. As the Founder and Director of Amrita Institute, Nina inspires others to remember the divinity of embodiment and the sacredness of the mundane.

For more about Nina Lombardo and her work, visit:

About the Location:

Casa Micanopy is a beautiful retreat center located on six acres of lush, private land just outside of the bustling town of Gainesville, FL. The property includes a Zen-inspired studio overlooking a pond and garden, 3 dormitory-style bedrooms, two bathrooms with showers, a full chef’s kitchen, nature trails, and a gorgeous swimming pool and hot tub. casamicanopy.com

zen retreat center with beautiful light