Our Team

About the Women of Amrita:

Nina Lombardo, Jacquelyn Kolosky, and Murshida VA were drawn together by a shared passion for reviving the feminine spiritual experience, a realization where we discover we are not separate from the Divine, but rather, in an endlessly evolving and deeply intimate relationship with the Great Mystery itself. 

Nina Lombardo

Exploring the delicate landscapes where body meets infinity…

Nina Lombardo is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Somatic Educator, and Women’s Mentor who weaves together her background in yoga, sacred sexuality, and the expressive and healing arts to create immersive experiences designed to liberate and nurture profound states of embodied clarity.

Nina has spent the past ten years dedicated to helping women re-connect with the wisdom and power of their bodies. Through workshops, classes, and private sessions, she provides women with somatic-based tools to embody more love and rewrite new narratives of empowerment, intimacy, and sexuality. As the Founder and Director of Amrita Institute, Nina inspires others to remember the divinity of embodiment and the sacredness of the mundane.

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Murshida VA

Murshida VA has been called everything from the Mother of the World to the Living Incarnation of the Whore of Babylon.  She is a poet, performance artist, transformative educator, and spiritual activist. Her explorations with reclaimed ancestral healing sound radically transformed the curriculum at Harvard’s Institute of Mind-Body Medicine. She has pioneered the arts as healing interventions for more than 30 years, performing (both live and in cyber-installation), facilitating workshops, and presenting at medical conferences nationally.

Trained by Indigenous teachers, Sufi Masters, and Tibetan Yogis, her work weaves together a lifetime of practice with forty years of professional experience in the Arts and Healing and a formal education spanning world literature, comparative religion, Gestalt and Jungian psychology, and recovery of Indigenous Mind.

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Jackie Kolosky

Since 2009, Jackie’s joy and focused practice has resided in the hands-on art of massage and bodywork. She experiences the body as a spiritual vehicle and observes that when the human form moves freely, that freedom echoes through the body-mind-sprit trifecta. With a passion for therapeutic, deep tissue work and solid training in Iyengar Yoga, Pranayama and meditation, Jackie maintains a bodywork practice professionally, and teaches small-group yoga sessions by request. Jackie comes to Amrita with a remarkably genuine love of people and an extraordinary gift for creating sacredness in ordinary spaces— both physically and within the human heart. Jackie is the owner and Founder of “House of Yin,” a healing collaborative in Gainesville, FL.

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