Amrita Institute’s programs, workshops, and events are about Creating and Maintaining Passionate Relationships—with our Lovers, with Ourselves, and with Life itself, with All of Creation. They are about the Path of Spiritual Awakening through Sex, Intimacy, and Embodied Awareness. They are about Reclaiming our Bodies and our Love of our Bodies from Patriarchal hegemony and liberating from thousands of years of cultural and sexual oppression. They are about Loving and Living IN Our Bodies. They are about Awakening, increasing, and/or Reclaiming our Direct Experience of Embodied Sexuality as Wholesome, Holy, and a Pathway for the Realization of Divinity both Within and AS Ourselves—a Realization which leads naturally to the Realization that the Universe is Alive and God (whatever name you give That) is Immanent, Radiating through Nature, and Present in Everything that is Alive. 

Our workshops welcome people of all religions (including no religion) and all gender identities and sexual orientations.

A few of our workshops address specific ways of working with Yin Polarity, Shakti, or Feminine Energy within the Body in a way that is specifically designed for those who identify as women. These workshops are clearly noted in their descriptions. 

If any of this inspires you, ignites you, lifts you up, intrigues you… then we welcome you to join us on this journey.

The Living Goddess 2019: A Springtime Program Celebrating the Feminine Spiritual Experience

The Living Goddess 2019 Flyer